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Dental Veneers in Union City

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Do you have teeth that are worn down, discolored, stained, crooked, misshaped, broken, chipped, or have spaces between them? Dental veneers may be the right solution for your smile.

At Hanna Dental Group, we offer the following two types of dental veneers in Union City:

  • Porcelain veneers: Of the two treatment options, this type of veneer is the most durable, and it is more resistant to stains
  • Composite resin veneers: This option is valued for its lower price but typically has a shorter lifespan

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What Are Dental Veneers?

Although many people wear them, you may have never heard of dental veneers. So, what are they? Dental veneers are porcelain or resin-based composite covers that are specially made to fit over damaged teeth to improve their shape, size, or appearance.

You care for them the same way you care for your teeth – regular brushing and flossing and frequent dental checkups. Veneers typically last for 5 to 15 years before they need to be replaced.

The Procedure for Getting Dental Veneers

Following a recommendation for dental veneers during your initial consultation, the veneer process typically requires two separate appointments.

The first office visit involves these three steps:

  • Preparation: The tooth or teeth to be treated will be trimmed so that the veneer will fit on top of them
  • Impression: A mold of your tooth will be created and sent to a laboratory that will prepare the veneer
  • Temporary placement: Depending on how much of the tooth was trimmed, you may receive a temporary veneer to protect it

Once your veneer has been prepared, you will come in for a second appointment. During this time, any temporary veneers will be removed. Dr. Hanna will then check the fit and color of the veneer to make sure it is a perfect match. Next, your tooth will be thoroughly cleaned to promote the best conditions for adhesion. Finally, the veneer will be placed, adjusted, and bonded to your tooth.

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