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News From Our Union City, New Jersey Cosmetic Dental Practice

At Hanna Dental Group, we believe in creating a relationship with our patients that goes beyond the office doors. We believe in the Golden Rule, "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Applying this philosophy in daily practice with our patients leads to a much closer and genuine relationship, while providing the best possible care.
We've created this section of our site to share with you important news from our  family dental practice serving Union City, Hoboken, Secaucus, West New York, Guttenberg, North Bergen, Hoboken, Jersey City, and all America, basically.

Dr. Harvey Hanna
Your Union City Cosmetic Dentist
BOTOX and JUVÉDERM® ... available at Hanna Dental Group!

Hanna Dental Group is now offering facial fillers and injectables can reduce a variety of signs of facial aging, including fine lines, wrinkles, folds, sunken cheeks and a sallow complexion. If you are concerned about mild to moderate signs of aging on your face, injectables may be your best option.


Botox is a purified protein that can be used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, reduce tension headaches, treat TMJ issues, reduce excessive underarm/hand sweating, and much more! It works by blocking nerve impulses that trigger muscle contractions or glandular activity. Botox is FDA approved and a commonly safe procedure.


Juvederm® is a natural gel that is injected under your skin to instantly smooth away wrinkles around your mouth, nose, and other areas of your face. With just one treatment you will get soft and natural-looking results that will take years off your face.

Now Featuring Cutting-Edge Laser Technology!

One of the truly unique things we offer is treatment through the use of a highly advanced laser that most of the time, actually ELIMINATES the need for an injection! That's right! For many procedures,


Most people avoid the dentist because of the shot. Need a filling or gym therapy but, hate the sound of the drill and that darn needle? With the laser there is NO HIGH-PITCHED sound, and most of the time, no need for a drill! Not many places can say that!

Hurricane Sandy
Due to the power outages caused by Hurricane Sandy, Hanna Dental Group will be closed from Tuesday October 30 till further notice.

(Tentative opening date -Tuesday Nov. 6th)

If you have any question please call us at 201-867-3947. 
Please be safe and God Bless!

Dr. Harvey Hanna's New Baby is Here!
We would like to welcome a new addition to the Hanna Dental Group team ... 
Dr. Hanna's healthy baby boy Luke was born.
Welcome to the family Luke!
Yes! It Is Finally Up, Hanna Dental Group's Sign.... What Do You Think?
Check Out Our New Summertime Billboard!--It's HOT!
Last But Not Least... Robert!
Robert, our awesome Manager, has finally posted his pic up here with rest of our team! Come on in and visit Robert and the rest of us here at Hanna Dental Group! We look forward to seeing you... SMILE!
Hanna Dental Group Team Members with New Uniforms!
Presenting Hanna Dental Group's new uniforms........

Check out Dr. Hanna with his new outfit!

Ashley our hygienist with her new lab jacket!


Natalie our Scheduling Coordinator......

More pictures of our team members with new uniforms to follow......
April 21, 2012 A.D.: And now presenting Natalie!
Check it out! Our amazing Scheduling coordinator, Natalie, just put her pic up on our site! Come visit Natalie... and the rest our team here at Hanna Dental Group! We look forward to seeing you... Smile! 
Ashley Birthday pics! Late! But still Cool!
Ashley on her birthday! Hey is that the Red Velvet Spirit hovering above the cake?!