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Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is treatment used to repair and save a tooth that has been infected due to a deep cavity, breakage, or irreversible nerve damage. The treatment involves accessing the pulp of the tooth and removing it. The area that housed the pulp includes the pulp chamber and associated canals, hence the famous term "root canal."  Once this performed, we carefully fill each canal and get the tooth ready to receive the appropriate restoration. Most times, Root Canal Treatment is completed in one visit.

Root Canal Treatment is an excellent way to save teeth that are compromised. If a tooth needs it, and the treatment is not performed, pus builds up at the root tip and the infection of the pulp can spread to the surrounding bone. This results in pain, swelling, bone destruction, and may even spread throughout the body.

What are the signs that a root canal is needed?
  • Severe tooth pain while chewing
  • Your tooth pain wakes you up at night
  • Teeth that are highly sensitive to hot or cold, with the sensitivity lingering for some time.
  • Discoloration or darkening of the tooth
  • Swollen gums in the area of the infected tooth